Total events

Games Men's Women's Mixed Total
Great Britain 1908 London 101 4 5 110
Total 101 4 5 110

Great Britain 1908 London

Archery Archery
Men's double york round (100y - 80y - 60y)
Men's continental style 50m
Women's double national round (60y - 50y)
Total 3
Athletics Athletics
Men's 100m
Men's 200m
Men's 400m
Men's 800m
Men's 1500m
Men's 5 miles (8047m)
Men's marathon
Men's 200m+200m+400m+800m medley relay
Men's 3miles team (4828m)
Men's 110m hurdles
Men's 400m hurdles
Men's 3200m steeplechase
Men's 3500m walk
Men's 10miles walk (16093m)
Men's long jump
Men's long jump, standing
Men's triple jump
Men's high jump
Men's high jump, standing
Men's pole vault
Men's discus throw
Men's discus throw ancient style
Men's hammer throw
Men's shot put
Men's javelin throw
Men's javelin throw freestyle
Total 26
Boxing Boxing
Men's - 52.62kg (bantamweight)
Men's 52.62 - 57.15kg (featherweight)
Men's 57.15 - 63.5kg (lightweight)
Men's 63.5 - 71.67kg (middleweight)
Men's + 71.67kg (heavyweight)
Total 5
Cycling Track Cycling Track
Men's One lap (660y) sprint
Men's 5000m
Men's 20km
Men's 100km
Men's 2000m tandem
Men's 1980 yards Pursuit, Team
Men's sprint individual
Total 7
Diving Diving
Men's 3m springboard
Men's 10m platform
Total 2
Fencing Fencing
Men's épée individual
Men's épée team
Men's sabre individual
Men's sabre team
Total 4
Football Football
Men's football
Total 1
Gymnastics Artistic Gymnastics Artistic
Men's individual all-round
Men's team competition
Total 2
Hockey Hockey
Men's hockey
Total 1
Rowing Rowing
Men's single sculls (1x)
Men's pair without coxswain (2-)
Men's four without coxswain (4-)
Men's eight with coxswain (8+)
Total 4
Rugby Rugby
Men's rugby
Total 1
Sailing Sailing
Mixed 6m
Mixed 7m
Mixed 8m
Mixed 12m
Total 4
Shooting Shooting
Men's 1000y free rifle, prone
Men's 300m free rifle 3 positions
Men's free rifle, team
Men's rifle, team
Men's 50m rifle prone
Men's 25y small bore rifle, moving target
Men's 25y small bore rifle, disappearing target
Men's 50+100y small bore rifle, team
Men's 100m running deer, single shots
Men's 100m running deer, double shots
Men's 100m running deer, single shots, team
Men's 50m pistol
Men's 50y army pistol, team
Men's Trap
Men's clay pigeons, team
Total 15
Swimming Swimming
Men's 100m freestyle
Men's 400m freestyle
Men's 1500m freestyle
Men's 100m backstroke
Men's 200m breaststroke
Men's 4x200m freestyle relay
Total 6
Tennis Tennis
Men's singles
Men's singles indoor
Men's doubles
Men's doubles indoor
Women's singles
Women's singles indoor
Total 6
Water Polo Water Polo
Men's water polo
Total 1
Wrestling Freestyle Wrestling Freestyle
Men's - 54kg (bantamweight)
Men's 54 - 60.3kg (featherweight)
Men's 60.3 - 66.6kg (lightweight)
Men's 66.6 - 73kg (middleweight)
Men's + 73kg (heavyweight)
Total 5
Wrestling Greco-Roman Wrestling Greco-Roman
Men's - 66.6kg (lightweight)
Men's 66.6 - 73kg (middleweight)
Men's 73 - 93kg (light-heavyweight)
Men's + 93kg (super heavyweight)
Total 4
Jeu de Paume Jeu de Paume
Men's individual
Total 1
Lacrosse Lacrosse
Men's lacrosse
Total 1
Polo Polo
Men's polo
Total 1
Rackets Rackets
Men's individual
Men's double
Total 2
Tug of War Tug of War
Men's tug of war
Total 1
Water Motorsports Water Motorsports
Men's open class A
Men's class B up to 60 feet
Men's 8m class C
Total 3
Figure skating Figure skating
Men's individual
Men's special figures
Women's individual
Mixed pairs
Total 4
Games total 110