Total events

Games Men's Women's Mixed Total
Greece 2004 Athens 8 6 0 14
Total 8 6 0 14

Greece 2004 Athens

Rowing Rowing
Men's single sculls (1x)
Men's double sculls (2x)
Men's quadruple sculls without coxswain
Men's pair without coxswain (2-)
Men's four without coxswain (4-)
Men's eight with coxswain (8+)
Men's lightweight double sculls (2x)
Men's lightweight coxless four (4-)
Women's single sculls (1x)
Women's double sculls (2x)
Women's quadruple sculls without coxswain
Women's pair without coxswain (2-)
Women's eight with coxswain (8+)
Women's lightweight double sculls (2x)
Total 14
Games total 14